Discover BON, a five-star dining experience enhanced by bringing a chef to your home. We offer premier chefs that deliver an elite in-home experience, creating a memorable evening from start to finish--from your kitchen to your table.

By partnering with chefs passionate about food and service, we bring superior cuisine without the hassle of reservations, parking, and delays that often come when dining out with a larger crowd.

Our favorite part? Often, it’s no more expensive for you to enjoy than going to your favorite restaurant.

With BON, you are in control of the experience--collaborating with the chef on the menu, your budget, and the type of event you want to create. From a backyard barbeque to a seated, multi-course meal, our chefs will deliver.

The chef will bring the food and equipment and clean it all up—all you need to provide is your kitchen.

Our chefs, located around the country, have worked in kitchens and perfected the in-home personal chef dining experience for years. Some of them have owned restaurants or have been executive chefs. We are always adding chefs near you. If you don't see a chef in your local market, you can still reach out. Some of our chefs are willing to travel to you depending on the event you want to create.

Welcome to BON, and get used to saying, “Bon Appétit!

Find your chef today!